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Thinking of Going Solar?

If you have been thinking of Solar and want to know the exact cost then you need to contact us for your free consultation with one of our Solar Solutions Energy Consultants.

Solar Installation - How much Does it Cost?

As a leader in the solar industry, Solar Solutions makes going solar more affordable for more people. On the first day your solar is turned on you will be saving money.

Everyone's energy needs are different so it's impossible to say how much a solar system will cost and how much you will save until we have a few key bits of information.  We take your energy usage, the location of your property, & other factors to come up with the best solution for your solar project.

A few things are certain when you buy from Solar Solutions:

  • We aim to eliminate your electricity bill from the utility company

  • You will not have a payment for your solar system for 12 months

  • You will be spending less money per month on energy

  • We will design a way to pay your system off in around 7 years

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