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Our team of Solar Professionals work from sunrise to sunset to bring you Affordable Energy solutions that will reduce your dependency on local utility companies & put you in control of your energy.

Working with leading manufacturers of solar panels and inverters, Solar Solutions of America has streamlined the sales and installation process to make solar more affordable for more people. Our engineering team, working alongside your assigned Solar Solutions Energy Consultant, will design a system that will address your specific energy needs and start saving you money from day 1.  

See how the install process works HERE.

In addition to your state-of-the-art Solar Solutions solar system, we will provide an energy audit and upgrades free of charge with the purchase of a complete solar system from Solar Solutions of America, ensuring your home is as efficient as possible.

Solar is on the rise and has become a competitive alternative to traditional utility companies. With the extension of the government Investment Tax Credit the affordability of solar and the long term savings for homeowners is undeniable. We look forward to the opportunity to sit down with you to create a Solar Solution that saves you money and makes you energy independent.

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