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Cold Weather & Solar

Winter is coming… and now it’s too late to start thinking about a solar install. Or is it?  A common misconception is that solar panels do not perform well in the cold weather or that they stop working all together.  Solar panels do not stop working in the cold, in fact, solar panels are more efficient in the colder weather than they are in blazing heat of the summer.  Like all electronics, heat is not their friend. The hotter the panels get, the less power is generated. The colder temperatures in the winter help make up for some of the loss of daylight hours that come with the season.

Installing solar in December, January, or February will make sure to have your system up and going for the spring months. Those months are expected to be great solar energy production months. The daylight hours begin to lengthen and daytime temperatures are not too hot. These months will help build up a bank of electricity that can be used when you are using a lot of electricity to cool your home in the long, hot days (and nights) of summer.

If you wait until the spring to get your solar quote you may be joined by many others thinking the same thing.  When spring hits and temperatures begin to rise so does the demand for solar installations.  This may be frustrating when you’re trying to quickly get solar for your home. Why not do the smart thing and look into this renewable energy source before the rush?  That way Solar Solutions can get your solar system up and going quickly and before the need to crank up the A/C in the hot summer months.

Now that you know that winter is a great time to get Solar For Your Home, you should take the next step and find out how Solar Solutions of Missouri can help you achieve Affordable Energy Independence.  Not only will we design a custom system that will fit your specific energy needs but we will also perform FREE energy efficiency upgrades to your home.  We will inspect your home to make sure your insulation is above the recommended amount and if it isn’t, we will install more at no charge to you.  How does a free nest thermostat sound? We give you one of those too. We will also make sure you have LED light bulbs in your fixtures so you’re not wasting energy with old style bulbs.  We make sure your house is as efficient as possible so that your solar powered home is working the best for you.

Contact Solar Solutions today and see what makes us different than the rest.

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