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How Solar Power Works

We know Going Solar is a great idea to help the environment and your wallet but does everyone know exactly how solar power works?

1. Solar Panels: Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and converts it into DC (Direct Current) electricity.

2. Inverter: Since your home is not run on DC electricity, the inverter converts the DC electricity from the solar panels into AC (Alternating Current) electricity that your home can use

3. Breaker Box: The AC electricity from the inverter is sent inside to your breaker box and used to power your home or business.

4. Utility Meter: Any excess electricity created by your Solar Panels will go from your breaker box to the utility meter and flow to the Electric Grid.

5. The Electric Grid: The grid is the interconnected network providing electricity to your property when demand exceeds solar production. The excess electricity that is sent back to the grid is available for use by you when your electrical needs are greater than your solar production at any given moment.

6. Monitoring Your Solar: Web or smart phone based app that allows 24/7 monitoring of your property's energy production.


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