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Save on Solar: Rebates & Other Ways to Save


  • Solar rebates have been around for awhile in Missouri but they are going away very soon. Liberty Utilities (Empire District) is currently offering a $.25/watt rebate that won't last past 2019. An average home may need a 10 kilowatt system...that's $2500 rebate right from the start of owning solar. When you combine that with the 30% Federal Tax Credit and your first year's energy savings, your system would be paid down by nearly 40% after just 1 year.


  • Even if you aren't a Liberty/Empire customer, you can still save a lot with Solar Solutions of Missouri.

  • Everyone has access to the 30% Federal Tax Credit. That means if your system costs $20,000, your taxes are credited $6,000. You can immediately pay that toward your loan and be 30% closer to paying it off.

  • Also, at Solar Solutions we believe that going solar should have an immediate positive impact. That's why we pay your solar system's monthly cost for the 1st year. Let's say that your solar project will cost you $150/month. We will pay it. What if it costs $250/month? We pay it. $450? We. Pay. It. Notice a trend?

  • There are additional discounts and benefits that would bring the system cost down well past 50% and for the majority of our customers have the system paid off in less than 7 years all the while saving money every month compared to before you went solar. Want details? Contact us here.

  • On top of all that, we perform FREE Energy Efficiency Upgrades to your home.


  • Contact Solar Solutions of Missouri for a Free quote. Below are ways to do that.

  1. Go to our web site & fill out our online contact form and an Energy Consultant will run a custom quote for you.

  2. Give us a call at 417-572-5800 and speak with an Energy Consultant.

  3. Stop by our office in Ozark at 1705 W. James River Rd and speak to one of our Energy Consultants in person.

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